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Iglesia Cristiana El Salvador, Inc.
 International Christian Church "The Saviour"

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Celebrando Nuestro 80   Anos De Ministerio

1938 - 2018

Rev. Dr. Cecilio Melendez  &  Maria Melendez ; Pastors

Bienvenido a Nuestra Página de Internet.


No Crea Que Ha Llegado a Nuestros Medios, Por Accidente.

Dios Tiene Un Plan Para Usted.

Es Importante Que Lo Aproveche.


Si No Tiene Un Lugar Para Congregarse, Para Adorar a Dios, Le Invitamos Para Que Haga De Esta Congregación Su Lugar Preferido.

Juntos Adoremos Y Serviremos    a Dios.

La Iglesia Cristiana "El Salvador"   Con Mucho Cariño Y Sincero Amor, Y Con Fuerte Abrazo Le 

Daremos La:


Welcome to our Church Website.

You Have Not Gotten Here by Accident or Chance.

God Has a Plan For You and its of Great Importance that you Make the Most of it.

If You Don't Have A Church To Fellowship and Worship the Lord, We Invite You To Make Our Church the Preferred Place of Worship.

Together We Shall Worship and Serve the Lord!

The Christian Church "The Saviour" With Much Care and Sincere Love, and a Big Hug Will Like to Give a Warm:


"Yo Me Alegre Con Los Que Me Decian A La Casa De Jehova Iremos"

"It Made Me Glad To Hear Them Say, "Let's Go The House of the Lord!"

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  • Mission Trip to The Dominican Republic

    Let's keep in prayer the brothers and sisters that are leaving to the mission fields in August to Santo Domingo
  • Vacation Bible School

    Pray that the Lord will use VBS to bring the Children Unto Him!

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